The Next Level Leadership Guide 2018

The Next Level Leadership Guide 2018 


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Systemic Transformation

Transformation takes time. It is an incremental and continuous process of learning and development. We focus on real systemic transformation within yourself, individuals, organisation and societies. To ease and sustain the ability for you to work, educate, and lead yourself and others, in a fast changing world. We talk about key 21st century competences here. How to unlock your potential, that of others, and how to leverage it in your business or organisation.

Hybrid Community, Shared Mission

Different experienced and perspectives, to agree to disagree with an open attitude, and to learn and review your beliefs, is possible when you share a shared mission. In our hybrid community, we are inclusive for change agents, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and executives, who share the mission "to empower themselves to unlock the potential within their (work) environment." The diverse community make efforts for change within the areas of e.g. education, health care, technology, business and entrepreneurship.

Glocalisation: Business Ecosystem

Together we can democratise leadership practices to (self)empower individuals, teams, communities, organisations and societies. With your "glocal" impact, togther, we are equipped to apply universal leadership practices in different "local" contexts, called "glocalisation." Leadership practices are no longer exclusive skills for the designated leader. We aim to make them accesible for everyone, anytime and anywhere.

Holistic lifestyle

We are interested in engaging and developing the whole person. You can think of this as different levels, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Our inner-world might not be visible on the surface; however, it determines your perspective and actions in your outer worlds. The YourHost2transform program supports you to feel self-worthy to be the architect of your personal, career, and business life. 

Culture for Transformation

The only constant in life is change. Therefor we foster a culture for Lifelong Learning and Development. To accept new situations and embrace uncertainty, trust that everything is "figureoutable", opens doors on your path to live the life you want to live.

Power of (self)reflection

Zoom out, take distance, and get centered before you respond or make a decision. Is your response based on fear or intutition? An old pattern that makes you think in circles? Or on something deep down you really want? The YourHost2Transform community fosters a supportive culture that encourages (self)reflection, as new perceptions generate new opportunities.

Blended Learning

We are open to learn and develop, based on the experiences and experiments by our Practitioners. We are not dogmatic. The offspring of Host2Transform is multidisciplinary; it embodies a fusion of arts, science, and business methods made applicable for you to grow as a person, professional, and as social business owner.

Evidence-based practice

All practices and strategies we share, teach, coach, and facilitate are validated by our H2T team and community of practitioners across sectors, (work)cultures, and countries. We build partnerships with universities, find launching customers to avoid confirmation bias that help challenge our status-quo, and innovate. 

Power of Purpose

Knowing what you really want gives you focus and helps you to make decisions and navigates you in your journey to live the life, create the career or business, to be part of a community that fulfilles you on all levels.

Healthy Interdependency

You are a 'caregiver' who re-charges when connecting with people, especially when you can host them in their wellbeing and performance. It empowers you and makes you feel fulfilled. Making a difference is contagious. We make sure that next to your openness to share, you simultaneously open to receive. Accept we are all interdependent, and you have control, once you do not need it anymore. It takes practice to make wise decisions on how to balance your energy.

Human-centred Leadership

When you design, lead or educate, the (emerging) needs and demands of your work environment, your customers, students, team or peers, always should be in the centre of your work. Often, we get so stucked in our intellectual heads, we forget to prioritize people over structures. It is not about you, your brilliancy, or intellect; it is about the people you are eager to empower and serve. 

Celebrating Diversity as a Power

We encourage you to tweak and customize the Host2Transform practices and strategies in (new) ways and align with your strengts, talents, your (work) context, and growth path. Every day, we grow and learn and are asstonished by the wide variaty of approaches, perspectives, and possibilities that arise from the Host2Transform community efforts.

Everyone is an Artist

There are no spectators. Everyone in the community is part of the art of 'producing'. You co-produce as well as consume our cunsumer-based services, as much as you design processes that encourage your audience to simutanously co-produce and consume, to become a "prosumer". To take ownership over your own learning journey is key for our existance.

Minimal structure, Maximal Ease, Joy & Scalable Impact

Letting go of (micro)control is one of the biggest leadership practices that helps you focus on the meta-level important things to stear your ship in the right direction. Swimming, confusion, uncertainty, and frustration, participate in this process. We support you to keep focus, and help you to distinguish your inner-dialogue versus what needs to be done next to get to the next level.

Lightheartedness for 
Serious Business Changing the world

Balance, fun, play and get the results out there. Instead of suffering, perfectionism, anxiety, over preparation etc. Practice what you preach, walk your talk, especially dealing with world complex and dynamic world issues, like climate change, health security, technology, education, how we run organisations, all requires next level leadership. Enjoying your journey while making a difference is key to be persistent!


The "mind", your (self)beliefs, is the only ‘thing’ you cannot outsource and should be trained regularly. on a regular basis. Through various practices, e.g, "Fitness in Your Mind&Network sessions", hands-on Mindfulness, visualisation, journaling etc, train your agility to emphatise with yourself and your environment, dare to leap into new situations, and fail smart!

Supportive, Learning & Leading Work Environment

You are the reflection of the 5 people you spend the most time with. We help you create and join our supportive work environment, joined by like-minded facilitators of change, those who have a "Yes-and" mentality, and do not project their fears or scepticm on you. Looking forward to join you on a work sprint, buddy-up to work on long-term projects, ask you the right questions to illuminate your blind spots, and are great listeners. 

Richness of Diversity 

Hybrid learning is what we champion in our community, across cohorts, disciplines, governance levels, profiles, sectors, and countries. We welcome like-minded (non)designated leaders, who are eager to empower themselves to unlock the potential within individuals, teams, organisations, and societies.

Tech to Engage & Connect

Online engagement is made possible thanks to the most advanced technology we use that enables you to (get) engage(d), inspire(d), and empower(ed) in our community. We push the envelope by generating a life-changing experience through immersive, interactive learning and development, either physically or virtually, to replicate possible scenarios or to teach particular skills or techniques. Succesful innovations are not primarily determined by technological innovation. Research shows that social innovation is key for overall innvations to succeed and leverage.  

Smart Failure

We embrace experiential learning as we perceive 'failure' as new information. In our program, we celebrate brilliant success as much as best practices. We help you test a minimal viable project (MVP) to become more resilient in 'making mistakes' to create a culture of "learn by reflecting on doing", which practice, is still taboe by our inner-critic, executives ,and in (innovative) organisations and companies.  

20% Effort 80% Impact

Pareto noted that, for most events, 80% of the effects come from 20% of the effort. We approach it from the other way around and help you focus on 20% of key activities that lead to 80% impact. Once you know how to leverage your impact, your impact grows exponentially.

Freedom of Choice

The empowerment of freedom in decision-making is often underestimated. Living in a ('Western') well-established country, we could state that all results in your life are based on your own decision-making process. We challenge our practitioners to move beyond their inner-child and break through their patterns that are no longer accurate, that influence your decision making daily, and creates more of the same... 

Design your (work)life

We live in a world where, next to social capital, financial capital (still) is an important dominator in our daily life. It enables us to scale our impact and outsource jobs. To ease and sustain your ability to unlock transformation, we support you to become the architect of your life, profession, career and/or business, while you scale impact.  

Social Impact

We empower our Host2Transform practitioners to scale their impact for transformation in the public an private sector. We scale social impact through our Host2Transform "Fitness for Your Mind&Network" co-work space sessions, social empowerment projects initiated by our practitioners and partners, and scholarhips across the globe. We're launching a foundation to receive gifts for Scholarships and our Empowerment Projects soon.

Everything is Energy:
Decide with Your Gut!

We often under estimate what our body or gut feeling is telling us. If someone resonates with your values or not. Pretty crucial if you are eager to build enduring relationships and impact. Next level leadership is also about tuning in with the energy you get from people, events or topics. Who gives you energy that accumulates yours?

The Next Level Leadership Guide 2018

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