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Certified Partners scaling social & business
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Become a Certified Host2Transform Partner

Spreading the word about our impact across the globe as an ambassador is great!
Next, you could also benefit and grow with us becoming a Certified Host2Transform Partner and driving Transformation for our partner-locations, events and clients.

To become a Certified Partner, we love to coach you in your procesess unlocking potential within your work environment, and make your so-called "flying hours". Thanks to our active YourHost2Transform Community, your peer drivers of transformation representing all industries, team up to scale their social and business impact exponentially. 

Meet John Schmeitz.
Transformational Leadership & Organisations Trainer.
Certificated Host2Transform Practitioner & Partner 

Specialities: guiding VUCA organisational and cultural change processes, while unlocking empowerment and innovation. Connect with John during one of his
Get AGILE HOST Taster sessions around 
Eindhoven The Netherlands.

Meet Ellis Haring.

HR Expert, U-Lab and organisational constellations fan

Certificated Host2Transform Practitioner

Specialities: transforming the HR sector through cultural change, making it more human-centered where everyone can reinvent themselves and unlock continuously innovate. You can meet Ellis providing Get AGILE HOST Taster sessions at various Start-up tech events around Utrecht 
The Netherlands.

New at Host2Transform? Check out the options to unlock empowerment and innovation with ease, fun and scalable social and business impact by applying the HOST DesignToolkit and strategies for your organisation or clients, and to become a Member and Certified Practitioner. Check out our programs here >>>