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How do you drive Transformation?

Re-design the way we lead, learn & develop ourselves and others.
Scale social & business impact exponentially


Our clients are executives, trainers, facilitators, coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs and educators, who are eager to unlock the potential within individuals, organisations and societies, with ease, fun and scalable social and business impact. 

You're ambitious and eager to unlock your potential and unlocking the potential within individuals, organisations and societies. To live your (work)life with ease, flow, while contributing to the quality of lives of many others.
 You feel the call to give back to society and embrace our win-win-win-win approach, as societal progress leverages personal and organisational growth and vica versa.

You're eager to experiment with validated next level leadership development, 21st century and digital age practices that enable you to transform the status quo of how we work, lead, learn and develop ourselves and others. 

You embrace lifelong learning and how to unlock and exponential and immersive learning environment, while you be your authentic self and matches with the emerging needs of your work environment.

You understand, more than ever, true leadership is about helping others to develop an agile attitude that empowers them to see, create and seize new opportunities in our fast changing world, while you work with minimum structures that enables people to experience maximum freedom, intrinsic motivation, vitality, joy, meaning, creativity and innovation.

You're eager to work in a human-centered way, place people in the centre, to unlock a supportive, learning and leading culture that fosters vitality, inclusion and constant innovation.

 You're eager to measure your progress - your generated Return on Investment (RoI) - receive 5-start reviews in no time, that gives you to confidence to scale your social and business impact exponentially. 

You're a visionair, who likes to make a difference, to work autonomously and like the idea you can choose to call upon the wisdom and experience of a team who live similar journeys and share your mission to re-design how we work, lead and educate ourselves and others. Who're eager to share and receive complementary knowledge, networks and skills, and enables you to learn exponentially by learning from each other's brilliant 'mistakes' and best practices. An ecosystem of drivers of transformation, like minded professionals who support, inspire and motivate each other to continuously reinvent themselves to unlock transformation, in various industries, across the world, and embrace progress, not perfection.

The reasons why joining our programs:

  • You love to make a living with that what you love to do most, namely, empowering individuals, teams, organisations and societies. And love to experiment with a powerful toolkit that consists out of Do It Yourself Designs, practices and strategies.
  • You love to work with clients, and/or in a work environment, that resonate with your talents, passion, values and mission.
  • You like to see, create and seize new opportunities, and increase your social and business impact
  • You know there is more like-minded professionals out there, with complementary knowledge, networks and skills. You love to get a broader understanding how they drive transformation, out- or inside your industry or country. 
  • You like to learn new ways to create an online and offline business engagement, which software to use, and how to contribute to leadership in our digital age.

Our clients who scale their social and business impact:

  • are ambitous and eager to learn and share their brilliant 'mistakes' and best practices. 
  • are life-long learners, eager to continiously reinvent themself are self-organised and embrace peer learning
  • they do not talk heads, but turn knowledge into focussed and powerful actions.
  • understand societal progress leverages personal and organisational growth and vica versa.
  • take responsibility for their actions and results
  • are willing and capable to invest in theirself, their company or organisation, in terms of energy, time and money.

The H.O.S.T. toolkit is a Treasure Chest.

It is a creative & powerful source of inspiration for fresh & energetic education.

In every lesson I teach or training I provide, I add a little 'Host to Transform'.

I just love the way Jessica trains, she owns it!

Sylvia Bronkhorst - Trainer Entrepreneurial Education & Behaviour

Certified Host2Transform Practitioner

I identify myself with Host2Transform, it's part of who I am

and what I like to bring to my personal and professional life.

(...) After hosting a 30 min HOST session for one of my clients,

I got the opportunity to work on their organisational cultural Transformation

program. Amazing how much impact one tiny session can unlock a supportive

mindset and work environment.

Ellis Haring - HR consultant

- The HostDesignToolkit, Certification Program & B-Academy

Besides the inspiring coaching method in Host2Transform I find the support of

Jessica and of the other members very positive and helpful. For me also the knowledge of

Jessica concerning marketing is very valuable. I am glad to be a part of the

Host2Transform community and to have gained and have access to extra skills and

knowledge concerning opening the potential of many people.

John Jong - former Rocket Scientist, Transformation Coach

- The HostDesignToolkit, Certification Program & B-Academy