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Are you a Driver of Transformation?

Contribute to systemic change: 
redesign how we work, educate & lead

Host2Transform practitioners, our clients, are powerful change agents who have the desire to unlock the potential within individuals, teams, organisations and societies. They've experienced that the traditional way of work, education and leadership
 kills vitality, meaning and innovation, and contribute to systemic transformation by creating a supportive work environment and unlocking an agile mindset and behaviour.

Our cliens dare to lead by example
 to shape a work culture that's supportive, (self)learning and (self)leading: that places people in the centre and get the freedom to explore and tap into their potential and enables them to lift others, their project, business or organisation to the next level.

However, our clients are also realistic: (systemic) transformation doesn't happen over night. You've to break-through non-constructive patterns and avoid fighting the symptons (called resistance). You've to be purpose-driven and authentic to be create a safe environment that invites people to move beyond their internal boundaries - fears, scepticism and judgement, before people move beyond "business as usual". To nudge people to Transform their world to transform that of others. Thanks to the HOST DesignToolkit, you're able to do this with ease, joy and scalable social and business impact.

Our win-win-win-win approach enables you to pay-it-forward and contribute to various Social Empowerment Projects across the world: each for-profit training program is tied to a for-social impact partner who supports inclusion & diversity, sustainability and entrepreneurship.

The reasons why you'd need our support:

  • You love to make a great living while empowering people, teams and organisations.
  • You like to scale your social and business impact by sharing your stories with the world.
  • You're eager to contribute to positive change, may it be in health-care, finance, education, the public or private sector.
  • You do not like to work 'on your own' and like to get the support of a professional global community of like-minds, and/or, start your local in-person local community that keeps each other accountable and makes progress consistently.

Clients who gain fantastic results thanks to our programs:

  • are ambitous and eager to learn and share their brilliant 'mistakes' and best practices. 
  • are life-long learners, eager to continiously reinvent themself, are self-organised and embrace peer learning
  • put progress befor perfection
  • understand personal and organisational impact leverages societal growth
  • take responsibility for their actions and results
  • are willing and capable to invest in theimselves, in their company or organisation in terms of energy, time and money.

The HOST DesignToolkit is a Treasure Chest.

It is a creative & powerful source of inspiration for fresh & energetic education.

In every lesson I teach or training I provide, I add a little 'Host to Transform'.

I just love the way Jessica trains, she owns it!

Sylvia Bronkhorst, Trainer Entrepreneurial Education & Behaviour

Certified Host2Transform Practitioner, Redesigning Education.

Host2Transform provides a method that brings agility into practices [instead of merely being a buzzword] to prepare today's companies with more flexible employees, to be able to show more vitality. In other words: Host2Transform is modern and incredible effective, I don’t have other words for it than: fantastic!

Niek Vrielink, Consultant Learning & Development
Human Capital Management Innovation, Redesigning HR

Besides the inspiring coaching method in Host2Transform I find the support of Jessica and of the other members very positive and helpful.  For me also the knowledge of Jessica concerning marketing is very valuable. I am glad to be a part of the Host2Transform community and to have gained and have access to extra skills and

knowledge concerning opening the potential of many people.

John Jong, Transformation Coach

Certified Host2Transform Practitioner, Redesigning Leadership

At first I was a bit sceptical about joining 'another’ platform. In my organisation, despite the investments, they failed to get a self-learning community rolling. Due to lack of listening to our needs members did not feel engage. At Host2Transform I see the engagement increasing every day and the community spin-off really takes place! Next week I provide my third Host2Transform session unlocking creativity and agile work environment at our team meeting.

Stefan de Graaf, Project Lead, Musician & Facilitator Creativity

Certified Host2Transform Practitioner, Reinventing Organisations

The HOST tools and practices empowers drivers of Transformation joining the Health Innovation School.

They cope with resistance for change. The HOST DesignToolkit provides them structure and the confidence they're able to unlock positive change by helping their environment to move beyond their comfort-zone and to lift each other to the next level, this is powerful.

Karen van Ruiten, Lead Health Innovation School
Certified Host2Transform Practitioner, Hired Host2Transforn Incompany services, Redesigning Health & Care

This tool is very good to overcome scepticism and judgements. It's very practical and powerful,
I'm amazed by it's impact. If people are around the world are listening: use this tool, it will really help you!

Eric de Bruin, Consultant Policy Implementations
Certified Host2Transform Practitioner, Redesigning Policy Development

Getting to know Jessica was inspiring and fun. She has great talent to create a mindset of trust, openness and playfulness amongst a group of people. Thus providing a solid base for transformation, co-creation and innovation within organisations, networks and perhaps even whole societies!

Saskia Jongma, Lead Modernisation Economic Diplomacy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Hired Host2Transform Incompany services, Redesigning Societies & Economic Diplomacy

The HOST framework gives me more certainty that I know what I’m doing, It’s really great that applying the practices is a lot of fun and you can enjoy it. It connects you with yourself and people amongst each other. If people are connected with themselves and others, there’s so much more possible, like, generating new ideas, developing new projects, overcoming challenges etc. People feel more safe, dare to take more risk, dare to be more creative and dare to collaborate.
This is important. Maybe even to bring world peace!

Annemieke de Bruin, Educator & Innovation Coach

Certified Host2Transform Practitioner, Reinventing Education

I identify myself with Host2Transform, it's part of who I'm and what I'd like to bring to my personal and professional life.

The 30 minute Get AGILE HOST session enabled me to connect across governance levels, unlock positivity and opportunities that lift the entire organisation to the next level.

Ellis Haring, HR consultant 

Certified Host2Transform Practitioner, Redesigning HR