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WHO AM I? Jessica Tangelder

Empowering others to unlock the potential within their (work) environment with ease, fun and scalable social and business impact, is what I love to do. Creating this ripple effect of positivity. Through my stories, the HOST DesignToolkit practices and B-Academy, I inspire others to unlock the potential within individuals, organisations and societies.

On a young age I worked for various prestigious organisations, at the Social-Economic department of the United Nations in New York, lectured at a private Business University, coached entrepreneurs at a well-known Business Program in The Netherlands, and became vice-chairman of a political party. It all came to me, without effort, however, it wasn't me.

Looking back I understand why I didn't flourish in these work environments;
  1. they were competitive (individual gain over team accomplishments)
  2. bureaucratic (killing the freedom to innovate)
  3. hierarchal (system-centered organisations that turned designated leaders into ego-monsters) or 
  4. did not resonate with my moral standards to contribute to a better world (driven by money over meaning/ added value). 

I found myself alienated, especially having the 'confirmation' of the estiblishment (education) me to tap into a pleasant work life after accomplishing a series of University degrees Organisational Anthropology, Sociology, International Relations, and Entrepreneurship. However, the degrees did not lead me to the vital, meaningful and innovative work life I was seeking for. I've learned the hard way, namely; it's your responsibility to create the (work)life you love, not your diploma or the prestigious organisation you work for. A lot of 'alone-time', travelling, improvisation theatre and experimentation, re-connected me with my authentic-self and enabled me to break free living the expectations of authorities and other people's 'imaginary' dreams. 

Since I 2012 I run my own company. I got amazing opportunities to work at various International Business Innovation Schools and run consultancy projects on coworking and creating their entrepreneurial ecosystem, around the world. It enabled me to experiment and discover my purpose and talent developing systemic leadership practices; three pillars of next level leadership development, namely; personal leadership, leadership development and business innovations.

As I am always eager to reinvent myself, soon I established the train-the-trainer Host2Transform Certification program in the HOST human-centered leadership practices, turned it into the world-class HOST Designtoolkit, an online program and the YourHost2Transform community of like-minds; a supportive, learning and self-leading community. 

What l'd you like to know more about me? I grew up in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) household. This definitly made me agile to embrace unexpected situations and turn it into something positive while staying true to myself. I've my roots in a creative family, as my dad is a Jazz musician, who runs his own Big Band, and my mum as a dance and pilates teacher. My parents inspired me to live my passion, master your skills and turn it into your dream job or business.

I am a global citizen who loves to spend most of the year in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Every year I visit my favourite - nerdy, tech, creactive and social consiouss - cities San Francisco (US) and Bangalore (India). Here I join Social Businss Impact (SoCAP), Tech (Construkt Festival), Applied Improvisation Network (AIN) and Leadership Conferences (Wisdom 2.0) and share my brilliant failures and best practice through my blogs, podcast and video's.

If you're eager to unlock the potential within individuals, organisations and societies with ease, fun and scalable social and business impact. Check out our programs to see how we can help you best!