WHO AM I? Jessica Tangelder

Empowering others to unlock the potential within their (work) environment with ease, joy and scalable social and business impact, is what I love to do. Creating this ripple effect of empowerment. Through my stories, our programs, I inspire others to unlock the potential within individuals, organisations and societies. It's easy, but not simple.

As I'm curious for the unknown and a lifelong learner, my studies Sociology, Organizational Anthropology, International Relations, Applied Improvistation Theatre and Business Innovations, have been the perfect 'excuse' to live and do research in over 5 countries. Soon I worked for various prestigious organisations such as, the Social-Economic Department of the United Nations in New York City, lectured at a 'the Dutch' private Business University, coached entrepreneurs at a famous Business Programs in The Netherlands, and became vice-chairman of our Green political party in Amsterdam.

It all came to me effortlessly, however, the "systems", in which I was operating, didn't empower me to become the best version of myself. Looking back I understand why I didn't flourish in these work environments, as (to me!) they were mainly;

  1. competitive (individual gain over team accomplishments or common goods)
  2. bureaucratic (killing the freedom to create and innovate)
  3. hierarchal (system-centered organisations that turned designated leaders into dehumanised ego-monsters)
  4. not practicing the ethical and moral standards they were preaching (driven by money and ego over meaning and added value to their overall ecosystem). 

Since 2012 I've been working as a freelancer and run my own business. I was privileged with amazing opportunities to design and coach at various International Business Innovation Schools and run consultancy projects around the world. If I connect the dots, it enabled me to discover my purpose and talent developing hands-on next level leadership practices and strategies - in personal leadership, leadership development and business innovations - that contribute to systemic transformation. 

As I'm always eager to reinvent myself, shortly I developed the train-the-trainer YourHost2Transform Certification program and turned it into the world-class HOST Designtoolkit, an online program and community of a hybrid like-minded drivers of transformation, applying the HOST practices across industries and countries.

What l'd you like to know more about me? I grew up in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) household. This definitely made me agile to embrace unexpected situations and turn it into something positive while staying true to myself. I've my roots in a creative family, as my dad is a Jazz musician, who runs his own Big Band, and my mum as a dance and pilates teacher. My parents inspired me to live my passion, master your skills and turn it into your dream job or business.

I am a global citizen who loves to spend most of the year in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Every year I visit my favourite - nerdy, tech, creative and social conscious - cities San Francisco (US) and Bangalore (India). Here I join Social Business Impact (SoCAP), Tech (Construkt Start-up Festival), Applied Improvisation Network (AIN) and Leadership Conferences (Wisdom 2.0) and share my brilliant failures and best practice through my blogs, podcast and video's.

If you're eager to unlock the potential within individuals, organizations and societies with ease, fun and scalable social and business impact. Check out our programs to see how we can help you best!


Worked as:
* Lecture, coach & designer Business Innovations and Product Development at Nyenrode & International Business Innovation Studies.
* Coach & Consultant Systemic Leadership, Transformative Work Cultures & Business Innovations at various clients such as;
* Google, Philips, Ashoka University India, Health Innovation School, Province North Holland, NGO's, Ministry of Health & Welfare, HAN, IBIS, Saxion, HU, Fontys & Nyenrode Business University. Social & Economic Department United Nations in New York City.

University background:
2011 Major Business Innovations
2010 MA Graduation IR
2009 Major Spanish Language & Culture
2008 MA Organizational Anthropology
2005 BA Sociology

Thesis & Articles
Translation of Sustainable Energy Policies in the Netherlands "Breaks Off"
Climate Change Communities and Policies in Cities - A post Kyoto discours (Amsterdam and Rotterdam)
How modernisation impacts national and organizational cultures (Costa Rica)
Determinants what influences Pro-social (altruism) behaviour across national cultures 

2015 NLP in Goa, India
2010 Full time course Upright Citizens Brigade New York City
2014 & 2015 SanKalp Get AGILE! Workshops & scaling social and business impact coaching
2012 & 2013 Social Capital Markets SFO 2015 & 2016.

Our purpose-driven Advisory Board
Who empower the Host2Transform mission with their
abundance of wisdom, knowledge, networks & skills

Salwan Renno Finj

Business Management Consulting

Dubai & Australia

Niek Vrielink

Learning & Development HCM Innovation

Training Expert at PUM Netherlands Senior Experts

Peter Taks

Entrepreneur, Founder Arbitration Disputes Commission

Social Empowerment Expert

The Netherlands

Rebecca Sampson

Sustainability, Responsible Investment & CSR Specialist

San Francisco (USA)

Astrid Tebberman

Senior Director Change & Leadership
for multinationals