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Transform your world, and that of others
Anytime, anywhere.

Imagine a world where we are all able to connect with ourselves and others, beyond internal and external boundaries. How would your world, and that around you, look like?

- Jessica Tangelder
Founder Host2Transform. 

At Host2Transform we empower you to unlock the potential within yourself, individuals, organisations and societies, to become the best version of you and to contribute to the vital, meaningful and innovative (work) lives of many.

We believe that (self)empowering others is crucial on all levels and it's not rocket science to make a difference. It's all about taking directed action. Through a supportive mindset and environment, our modern practices, designs, tools and strategies, you are able to scale social and business impact exponentially. From any governance level, in any (work) culture and in any industry you are passionate about to make a difference.

We have experience 9 out of 10 organisations are eager to transform but simply do not know how. There is so much to do. We make sure, from now on, you're equipped to empower individuals, organisations and societies from within.

Host2Transform Style

We work from the inside out, always. Triggering universal human-centered mechanisms that help connect us with ourselves and others on an individual level to extend out to the organisational and societal levels. This enables you to help your audience to move beyond their cognitive biases and the conventional structures, which leads to vitality, meaning and innovations that work.


Everything is a mindset, (80% they say), and influences our thoughts, feelings, behaviour and that what we create may it be a service, project or business. Therefore, we focus primarily on ways to unlock the supportive mindset, while, simultaneously, unlocking a supportive work environment that influences the supportive mindset again, this results in continuous learning and development and constant innovation.


The world is changing exponentially, this brings us a future of uncertainty. Business cycles shrink every day more, new job profiles are created, and lifelong learning, and an agile attitude are required to seize opportunities in the fast changing world. If you are enable to create clarity in people's future, you are set!

Business as usual no longer works, burn-out and depression rates are increasing, mostly because people do not connect with themselves, do not know who they are or are not connected with their purpose, or simply, are not aware they are not tapping into their highest potential. Helping your audience to connect the dots in life, to live in flow, effortlessly, is a transformative experience.

We are creating a strong global community, online and offline "hubs", that facilitates peer learning and (business) collaboration in every extend there is need for. The HOST cutting-edge tools, attracts like minds and lead to improved efforts in social change, education, health care, government, business, technology, or entrepreneurship. Practitioners apply the practices for coaching, consulting, education and training. When there is the need, we support buddy-ship, networking and new partnerships amongst our practitioners.


Value creation is the only sustainable business of today; not only for your direct customers, but also for the ecosystem you create around you. We invest in scholarships and social empowerment projects initiated by our practitioners and partners. This is how we give back to society, always. With our win-win-win-win-win philosophy, we help you scale your social and business impact.

Scaling Impact Globally