Discover your Transformative purpose:
connect the dots

Connecting the dots, finding your story and to fully embrace it, generates you having a transformative impact on others and to live your life in flow. It does not come overnight, so be patient, humble and enjoy the proces of some introspection (which 97% of us not bother to do!)

Act Human-centered. Put people first.

People first. We focus on your personal (emerging) needs and help you learn and develop in your own time, pace, on your own level. Also, we help you place the (emerging) needs of your work environment central, it may be your clients, students, colleagues or peers.

See the bigger picture. Be a Systemic Thinker

Leadership to unlock systemic transformation is being aware about yourself and the context you find yourself in. If you do X what influence does it have in the system you live or work in?

Our Systemic Transformation Model resonates with all our practitioners, as it translates our complex and dynamic environment through a simple illustration that demonstrates the Universal Human-mechanism for personal growth, and team, organisational and societal development. You do not need years of education to make a difference. We encourage you to start today!

Leverage impact. Embrace cutting edge practices

The Host2Transform practices, tools and perspectives, could be seen as a 'social technology' that helps you leverage the impact you like to make in your work environment, may it be in education, entrepreneurship, social change, health care, technology or business. The cutting-edge Host2Transform practices helps you bring clarity in a complex and dynamic world.

Supportive Mind(set) the accelerator of your impact

Self belief is the first and foremost asset to live a purposeful life. The only asset you cannot outsource! We help you nurture your ‘belief system’ that encourages you to 'leap' into new experiences, learn by doing, and perceiving mistakes, as a feedback loop. Illuminating your limiting beliefs helps you become conscious why you do what you do (procrastinate, not finishing projects, raising the barrier very high etc.). Focussing on the underlying cause, rather than the symptoms, to move beyond the patterns that stops you from doing what you really want to do. It helps you becoming a better decision maker in your life, in your environment, in your career or (emerging) business, with more freedom of voice.

Supportive work environment
the accelerator of your impact

Parallel to mindset, it is your environment that determines how, whereto and with what pace you, your career or business grows. We help you to engage with like minded cutting edge professionals, leader of transformation, who are humble, inspiring and eager to share and receive complementary knowledge, networks and skills.

Research shows that social bounding uplifts our spirit and soul, and can even cure diseases medicine can not. Other than that, social bounds - commitment, support in keeping you accountable, and trust - are one of the few things we can rely on in the fast changing world. Community building is today's buzz word, however many companies, and organisations, or people, set little, or non, frameworks and triggers, to keep the community vivid, engaged, inspiring and empowering. It is an art to accomplish this; we own this art.

Our shared mission connects and lifts us all

The YourHost2Transform Certification program is not for everyone. It is inclusive for professionals, educators and executives who share our purpose; to empower yourself to unlock the potential within themselves, individuals, teams, organisations and/or societies. We embrace diversity, stimulate synergy and collaboration between organisations, sectors, disciplines, and governance levels, to become agile in our work practices.

21st century ways in how we lead, educate, learn & work

We apply meta-, action-based, immersive, peer-to-peer, and deep learning methodologies. Learn by reflecting on doing through smart 'failure’. Interactive and co-creative ways of learning. Hands on experiences enriches your wisdom and feeds your foundation that enables you to help others in their growth process. 'Healthy' peer pressure, being challenged, having access to a continuous feedback loop, helps you internalise new routines that supports you in your journey creating the (work) life you love!

Fail fast and smart, succeed faster

Often ‘successes’ occur right after you make a ‘mistake’. Having good results is not so much about being the most brilliant person in the room.. it’s about: being persistent and embracing failures; perceive them as ‘new information’

We distinguish failure with smart failure. Making mistakes and implementing your learnings is gold, it could make all the difference in the world!

Blended learning; create your own toolkit & methods

One of our success factors to constant innovation is to be open for feedback and to implement it. We are not dogmatic and encourage you to blend what you lean and practices into your own toolkit and methods. In a way it resonates with your style, your talents, your background and purpose. Every day our academy and community becomes richer, simply because we continue experiment, validate and innovate, which lifts everyone in their growth!

Balance to receive and give help

Energy is everything and needs to be balanced. Most H2T practitioners find it contagious “to give”, to help others; to make a difference and feel useful. Paradoxically, you give others the opportunity to grow when you are open to receive support. "Daring to ask, rather than daring to receive, seems to be the biggest challenge in our ‘western’ and ‘independent’ society.”

There are no spectators. Be a prosumer

The future of work is to unlock a self-learning culture where you take learn and take initiative, to learn from your actions and operate in an independent way. We practice what we ‘preach’ and invite you to turn yourself from a consumer = into a ‘prosumer’ of knowledge, networks and skills. In the YourHost2Transform Community, there are no spectators. We all share and create, we are responsible to uplift the quality of the community. So never ending consensus, but co-creation, decision making and testing.

Minimum structure,
maximum freedom for initiative & creativity

“You are in control once you do not need it anymore”. It is our belief that we, as human beings, are tempted to make things more complex to get a feel of certainty. If you step back and take time to reflect how you could simplify the situation, it saves you time in (mis) communication and noise”

Light-heartedness in the serious business of changing the world

Unlocking the potential within others is serious business, however, if you combine it with a healthy dose of fun, empathy and celebration, it becomes increasingly easier. We work from a holistic approach; perceiving the human being as multidimensional. To be build out of conscious and unconscious aspects, rational and irrational aspects. We intent to trigger all aspects.

We intend to bring light-heartedness and joy in the serious business of changing the world. Do not take yourself too serious, laugh about your typical silliness and embrace your 'mistakes'. Reaching your destiny is not an aim in it’s self; enjoying yourself on your journey is!

Technology to leverage the greater good

We embrace technology that brings out the best in people. We use the latest software the fosters both online as offline engagement. Speed-date, master mind, intervision sessions, gamification, 24/7 support, academy and community integrated in one place. We update you about the lastes software out there, that is low threshold and makes our lives way easier, effective (team) work, more engaging and more fun!

20% effort is 80% impact

Pareto noted that for most events 80% of the effects come from 20% of the effort. We often tend to focus on perfection, or only come into action when we think it well through, or focus on to many tasks or projects at the same time. We help you grow your (business) impact by focussing on that what works and stop doing what does not. It is simple, not easy (as traditional structures block us of being practical).

Freedom of choice is true 'richness'

In the business world 'freedom' dimensionally refers to the finances to buy yourself stuff instead of experiences. We perceive financial freedom giving you the opportunity to buy yourself more experience to become a 'richer' and wiser person.

With freedom, we also refer to 'freedom of choice', free from inhabited patterns from the past that no longer serve you, and used to have its function in a world that is so different from today. To not always re-act, but to stop reflect, and choose how to behave in a constructive way, to enable yourself to see the picture of that what you really want from life.

Together you can do it yourself

We assist in your growth personally and professionally, for you to feel empowered to Do It Yourself (DIY). Which you should not confuse, with doing it all by yourself.

We avoid co-dependency. You helping others with expecting things in return. Again, therefor it is crucial for you to know what you really want, what your objectives are where you operate from; for your own learning or based on your abundance in resources and simply love to help; no strings attached. We co-create a strong self-learning ecosystem, where give and receive occurs in a-synchronical way.

Self-reflection: the key to personal growth

Personal growth starts with the ability to self-reflect. Before you start your day, when you end you day, on you session etc. We champion both 'brilliant mistakes' and best practices. Together, we celebrate them; you are not alone, which makes it way easier for you to leap yourself into new situations and dare to reflect in yourself. To become conscious of that what you do not know yet, tao into emerging knowledge, and to get from good to great!

Social empowerment

We support social (business) empowerment projects across the globe. So far in: Europe, Asia, Latin America and the US. We support H2T practitioners in their social projects, and provide scholarships for those professionals who are eager to empower their environment and contribute to the greater good, however simply because they live in less economically developed countries, they often do not have the resources to benefit from programs as these.

Theme's of Empowerment Projects we support are; women empowerment, emerging entrepreneurship, educational development, and impact investors and social entrepreneurial match making.

YourHost2Transform Academy & Community

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