A Global Urge for Systemic Transformation

Depression to be 3rd cause of
Death in "Western" countries

Decreasing Business Life Cycles from
65 to 15 years

Increasing Globalisation: an opportunity to unify not polarise

Manifesto: Get AGILE! & Connect Beyond Boundaries

Imagine a world where we are all able to connect with ourselves and others, beyond internal and external boundaries; our cognitive biases, limiting believes and traditional political, educational, organisational and cultural structures that hamper people's vitality, sense of inclusiveness and innovation. How would your world, and that around you look like?

Urgent Global Trends: Today's Opportunities for Drivers of Transformation
Depression and suicidal rates are increasing exponentially (World Health Organisations)
Business life cycles are decreasing exponentially (Yale University)
Globalisation is increasing exponentially (International Organisation for Migration)

Our YourHost2Transform community of change agents- intrapreneurs, innovators, entrepreneurs and executives -
champion The Next Level Leadership Guide to Drive Transformation that is our solid foundation for all our work and serves our Transformative Purpose to:

Unlock the potential within individuals, organisations and societies, and foster a work culture that is vital, inclusive and innovative andscales social and business impact exponentially.

A bad system will beat a good person every time.

- W. Edwards Deming