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Three Global Challenges: 

The Urge for Real Transformation

Depression rates increase


Urges leaders to unlock people's potential (World Health Organisation)

Business cycles decrease


Urges leaders to unlock continuous innovation (Yale University)

Digitalisation accelerates globalisation exponentially


Urges leaders to unlock an inclusive work culture that connects beyond differences

Imagine a world where we're able to connect with ourselves and others, 

beyond internal and external boundaries that block people, business and societies to tap into their full potential. How would this world look like? 

 Jessica Tangelder 

(Founder Host2Transform)

Manifesto: Get AGILE! 

Connect Beyond Boundaries

The world is changing rapidly. Digitalisation changes the rules of "the game”

and it's our quest to reinvent the way we work, educate and lead our businesses and organisations

in a way that benefits people, business and societies.

Most of our mindset, behaviours and work cultures are still "programmed" in the old fasion way:

to follow authority to become that what creates more of the same.

The three global challenges mentioned above, validates that our system-centred ways of how we work,

educate and lead our businesses and organisations, no longer serves people, businesses

nor societies to live their full potential.

The biggest challenge for us is not to substitute these dehumanising systems with new "tech systems",

such as smart software solutions, lean models, methods and the "future of work" policies, that

provide people false certainty and misses the point of connecting people with themselves

and their (work) environment first; to primarly innovate the human-processes, as a condition to leverage

any innovation to flourish; may it be in tech, business or social empowerment.

Tech solutions (such as E-learning, online platforms), models and methods (agile, scrum, lean and holocracy), new ways of work (shared desk policy, open work spaces, free work hours etc), while leaders often miss the step to involve their work environment, to first create the conditions for a safe and empowering work environment, before any change or innovation

will be embraced and taken to the next level that benefits people, business and societies.

More than ever, people express the need to connect with themselves and others on a human level, to reinvent themselves, to develop themselves beyond their (former) study, career or current job profile. The urge for people to belong to a community of like-minds, that encourages them to tap into their full potential, has never been bigger.

It's not rocket science to unlock a culture that fosters vitality and constant innovation, however, it's not easy as

conventions are deeply rooted in our being, which requires a transformative approach, like the HOST Designtoolkit presents.

This only leaves you with the quest to understand how to host transformations, how to connect people beyond (their inner or external) boundaries. For our tribal dualistic beliefs to be reengineered and to host "AGILE" mindsets, behaviours and cultures that drive transformation and create the space that welcomes change and innovation.

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