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Connect Beyond Boundaries:
A Call for Next Level Leadership
in the 21st century

Because the world is changing rapidly, modern (designated) leaders come to the understanding that the system-centred

ways in how we live, work, educate and lead do no longer serve people, businesses and societies.
On the contrary, on a global scale we see that dehumanised work environments kill vitality and innovation within
people, businesess and societies.

It's not rocket science to lead in modern human-centred ways, however it's not a skill you learn out of books or easily get demonstrated. It requires experiential learning - to learn by reflecting on your doing - and it takes a stretch in your personal consciousness to enable yourself to contribute to a culture for transformation that empowers people, businesses and societies to be(come) the best version of themselves.

Imagine a world where we're able to connect with ourselves and others, beyond internal and external boundaries that block people, businesses and societies to tap into their full potential. How would this world look like? 

 Jessica Tangelder

Founder Host2Transform

These 3 Growing Global Challenges 

Urge for Systemic Transformation

Depression rates increase


Urges leaders to unlock people's potential (World Health Organisation)

Business cycles decrease


Urges leaders to unlock agile mindsets and behaviours for continuous innovation
(Yale University)

Globalisation increases exponentially


Urges leaders to unlock an inclusive work culture that connects beyond differences, industries & cultures.

Briding The Disconnect in Our Connected Digital Age

More than ever, people express the need to connect with themselves and others on a human-centred level,

to humanise dehumanised work cultures, to reinvent themselves, to develop themselves beyond their (former) study, career, job profile or business. The urge for people to belong to a community of like-minds, that encourages them to tap into

their full potential and connect with their purpose, has never been bigger.

Digitalisation and tech bring many possibilities for people - their knowledge, networks and skills -

to connect beyond their desk, organisational walls and continents and solve worlds most challenging and complex issues. However, it provides us "solutions" for challenges we experience on the surface, and not the once we universally embody and experience on a more subconscious level and block us to connect with ourselves, others and the world around us.

The flip side of "all these possibilities" is an overload of information that brings a lot of noise, artificial relationships,

cultural clashes, multi-task, and leaves people with a feel discontent, isolation, unfulfilment and frustration.

The biggest challenge for us is not to substitute dehumanising system-centred work cultures with new (tech) "systems"

that connect us all, and are primary focused on the symptons rather than on the deeper, in times, more spiritual level.

Ironically, the human disconnect grows in the most digitally connected times ever.
Below two articles that writes about our impact to connect people in the work place.

Contribute to the Paradigm Shift: 
Unlock Modern human-centred ways in how we Live, Work, Educate & Lead in the Digital Age

Create the Conditions for Real Change:
Design a Culture for Transformation

9 out of 10 innovation does not work as the pre-conditions for change are not set. These preconditions are the supportive, encouraging and empowering culture that invites people to show up as their authentic "selves", dare to learn by making "mistakes" and to lift each other to the next level. Not many people know you can design a culture for transformation and unlock a culture that fosters a supportive, learning and leading (work) environment; ongoing innovation!

Any change, a new event in your life that stretches your comfort-zone - may it personally, professionally or in your business - is perceived as unpleasant, as it takes us out of our comfort-zone experiencing uncertainty, fear, judgement, skepticism that often leads into (self)blame.

The only remedy to softener the "by products" for change, to make the uncomfortable slightly more comfortable, is 
by fostering a supportive, leading and learning (work) environment, where people feel they have the space to be their authentic selves and dare to make "mistakes" and share their learnings with others to lift them.

 We believe, anyone, anytime and in any context can spread (self)empowerment. 

Born leaders, however, do this by default while for others it's a deep personal transformation, as old habits, patterns, conventions, are deeply rooted in our being/ DNA. As you might know already, over 90% of our actions are lead by our 
sub-conscious mindset and behaviour, therefore, we champion experiential learning that provides a deep-dive experience in the sub-conscious, is easy and joyful to apply and has a deep, sometimes even therapeutic and systemic, impact.

                                                                           The Systemic Transformational "Model"

The purpose of Host2Transform is to empower you to unlock the potential within people, businesses & societies, and spread (self)leadership and (self)empowerment across industries,

cultures and the globe, with ease, joy and exponential people-business-societal impact.

Jessica Tangelder 
Founder Host2Transform

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