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‘Minimal structure to enhance maximal creativity and initiative’ – Meet Stefan de Graaf

‘I believe in creativity as something everybody has, it’s not determined by a certain field or job; artists are not necessarily more creative than e.g. project managers. Creativity can lead to more vitality, flow, connection and productivity.’ – Stefan de Graaf is a freelance writer, musician and works as an office manager at the VU University.

Since spring 2016 Stefan is a member of Host2Transform and practices the tools in his work environment. Beside connecting and integrating his own creative background with his day-to-day work and business, Host2Transform gives him the tools to make a positive impact on himself and others: ‘It’s fascinating to see how simple and effective the tools are, everybody can do it!’.

Stefan likes moments when things come as a surprise. This surprise can be something you discover in another person, it can be an idea that surprisingly pops up during a loose weekend or it can be a new insight that changes your life. Nourishing these special moments is allowing yourself to unlock your creativity.

His mission is to enhance creativity in his work environment, within his team or e.g. during meetings, and to inspire others to see their own full creative potential. He’s madly inspired by the metaphor of improvised music: ‘to provide minimal structure to enhance maximal creativity and initiative.’

Enjoy his guest blog about his experience in experiential learning while piloting his design to unlock creativity within his team and beyond!

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