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Overcome stress by boosting resilience through Host2Transform – Riding the Waves

In my last guest blog I described the preparation of the Host2Transform session and the need for chopping the big chunk, if it’s too big to swallow at once. In this part, I’ll take you with me to the session, riding the waves.

Preparation on the spot
It is D-Day for me regarding my Host2Transform session at, Seats2Meet Utrecht. I am used to give presentations, but Host2Transform is something else. It is much less predictable than a presentation, so I feel a bit nervous.

Jessica Tangelder, founder of Host2Transform, just told me that a banner should be present at the reception to explain how Host2Transform works, and also about its worldwide accepted method. Surprise, surprise, no banner there. Fortunately, there is a flip-chart available, where I can put some information and explain the four H.O.S.T. modules:

  • Human Energy
  • Openness
  • Shared Resources
  • Transformation

The next step is now inviting guests at the workspace, to join me for the session. I feel very uneasy about it. Luckily, Mirjam de Boer, who organizes the Week of Stress at Seats2Meet Utrecht, is taking the lead and helps me. As Mirjam introduces me to people in the open workspace, she asks me to explain the session. I realize I didn’t prepare a pitch. Initially, this feels like a handicap, yet after a few pitches, it becomes clearer for me, what I want to say. And in the end, there are eleven people in total, mostly entrepreneurs and students. More than I expected, to be honest.

The big moment is there to ride the waves. For just a second, being in the open space, I wonder what other people may think, but I quickly put that thought aside. I have to trust myself and just start the session. Furthermore the atmosphere is good and the participants are looking curious and open of what may come. The session is going well and even though some people leave early, that bothers no one, and all are fully engaged and enjoy themselves. Despite the time is short and I only can give a sample of what Host2Transform can do, participants do experience its value. After doing an exercise called colliding brains, I explain how it engages the left and right brain, creating stronger connections between the two parts. This results in boosting creative and critical thinking. And by moving your body and connecting with others, you’ll feel more energized and relaxed. Then I ask the participants to share their question, problem or dream in duo’s. One girl teams up with me, because of the odd number of participants. She shares that she feels very stressed, because she is working on her thesis, which is due in two weeks, and she feels stuck. I listen to her problem and help her to see some options she can take. She immediately relaxed, proving that everybody can contribute to a question, dream or problem that the other may have. We only have to connect and share our thoughts and be amazed at the resources we all have.

After the session, I handed out evaluation forms to get feedback using a 1 to 10 scale. This provides insight on how the participants rated the session and what could be improved. Participants also reflected on the role of their peers and their own role in the session, which created self-awareness. I felt very happy seeing all participants uplifted and connecting with each other, also after the session. The session averaged a 9, and the general feedback shows, that the session was fun and too short. Also, more information on what Host2Transform is, and how to use it, would have been appreciated. I also learned that coming prepared is important. But in the end, letting go and trusting the process will take you home.

Boost resilience
Stress is a way to strengthen both body and mind or achieve personal growth. However, when stress lasts for too long, problems may arise. There are a few ways to help overcome stress positively. How we think about stress or stressful situations mostly determines how we feel about it. By connecting people and enabling the use of each other’s resources in a playful way, we can feel better and supported, and this will boost resilience. The girl sharing her problem feeling stuck about her thesis is a good example of this. You can see opportunities instead of what is blocking you. Host2Transform supports this process in a playful way, which is why I advocate it to boost your resilience.

Below, you’ll find a video testimonial from Mirjam de Boer. She is also a Host2Transform practitioner and entrepreneur. In the video, she introduces herself and gives feedback about my session. You’ll have to turn up the volume because the distance to the microphone of my Smartphone was too far.

If you would like to experience Host2Transform, and see what connecting and sharing resources with playfulness can bring you, then feel free to connect via or sign-up for a mini-course.

My question to you as a reader: “How do you boost resilience and overcome (too much) stress?” Please share by leaving a comment.



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