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“When people are connected with themselves and others, there's so much more possible. The HOST framework gives me the certainty that I know what I'm doing and it's worth it to get it out there in the world!“

Annemieke de Bruin,

Education Design & Consultant

Certified Host2Transform Practitioner,
Transforming Education

The H2T Freelance Program

Worlds first online business program that focusses on next level leadership practices that enables you to contribute to the future of work, education, business and leadership. An empowering program that connects you with like-minded unconventional global change makers across the world and helps you grow your impact and business in exponential ways.

  • Three Next Level Leadership Academy Programs; incl. 
the HOST DesignToolkit and Transform and Design your freelance business to grow and scale your impact exponentially.

  • LIVE online business coaching and master mind network sessions that connects you with yourself and the H2T global community that helps you get the clarity to make the right decisions and focus for consistent business growth.

  • Build your own independent online or offline leadership-empowerment program, attract your tribe, grow your impact and business.

The HOST DesignToolkit

Learn how to unlock a culture for transformation and unlock the potential of infuencers, leaders and their organisations to seize new opportunities in the digital world. Be a consultant of the future and apply unconventional leadership practices and strategies to foster human-centred, inclusive and agile work cultures in which intrapreneurs thrive and innovation is continuously unlocked.

  • Learn how to design your transformative services and unlock continuous innovation beyond cognitive bias, silo's, industries and cultures. Tap into over 100+ human-centred unconventional design and impactful practices.
  • Innovate your leadership practices and spread empowerment; clarity for people to reinvent themselves and see, create and seize new opportunities.
  • Ask any question and connect or partner up with our global community of drivers of transformation from across industries and the globe.

The Future of Leadership:
3-day H2T Certification Program AMSTERDAM

3 day deep-dive into next level leadership practices in the Host2Transform Hub Amsterdam, tap into an abundance of (self)empowerment and business practices. 
Unlock the potential within yourself and that of others with ease, joy and scalable impact! 

  • Personal leadership | Intro-spection: tapping into your potential and live your purpose driven life.
  • Unconventional empowerment-leadership | Outro-spection: practices, that are hands-on and (self)empowers others within minutes.
  • Business Growth | Continuous Innovation: to scale your online or offline business and impact in exponential ways.
  • Obtain your Host2Transform Practitioners Certification, attract your tribe (clients, buddies and partners) and grow your impact and freelance business.

Transform your world, and that of others

It's our purpose is to make (self)empowerment accessible
for everyone, any time in any place. 

Experience how you can Transform Worlds





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