Next Level Leadership Development Programs

Everything we offer is designed to empower you to unlock the potential within yourself, individuals, organisations & societies, with ease, joy and scalable social and business impact. 

By any purchase of our for-profit and purpose programs, you contribute to our social empowerment partner programs.


The HOSTDesignToolkit

The world-class online cutting-edge tools, practices and designs have been validated across industries and countries (Europe, Asia & the US). It gives you, freelancers or Incompany intrapreneurs, trainers, consultants & coaches, the framework and confidence to unlock the potential within individuals, teams, organisations and societies, anytime & anywhere.

Become a Certified Host2Transform Practitioner, grow with us and scale your social and business impact exponentially, globally and/or locally.

The HOST toolkit is a Treasure Chest. It is a creative & powerful source of inspiration for fresh & energetic education. In every lesson I teach or training I provide, I add a little 'Host to Transform'. I just love the way Jessica trains, she owns it!

Sylvia Bronkhorst - Trainer Entrepreneurial Education & Behaviour &
Certified Host2Transform Practitioner

YourHost2Transform Membership incl. 
Certification Program

We host worlds most supportive, learning and leading communities joined by like minded drivers of Transformation making an effort in Transforming industries across the world for more vitality, inclusion and innovation at work.

The YourHost2Transform membership hosts live group implemention, Q&A and break-out network sessions for emerging and experienced freelancers, who're eager to make "flying hours" to internalise the practices, to get customers in, to join our hybrid global community and scale their social business impact exponentially.

I find the excercises of Host2Transform very helpful to create an open space to co-create. The online community platform supports me as facilitator by giving examples in videos, inspiration and suggestions by Jessica and other community members.

John Schmeitz -
Transformational Leadership Consultant
Certified Host2Transform Practitioner & Associate

Scaling Your Social and Business Impact exponentially

Ever dreamed of (be)coming an philanthropist or a social investor?Doing good while multiplying your profit sounds like a dream for many as our traditional educational and organisational structures 'taught' us, we can only become that what we've studied for, that we need to work hard and suffer to get to best results.

In the program "Scaling your social and business impact exponentially" you learn how to design your purpose-driven life style and business you love, while multiplying your profit being the "authentic you", with flow, effort, joy and scalable social and business impact.

Besides the inspiring coaching method in Host2Transform I find the support of Jessica and of the other members very positive and helpful. For me also the knowledge of Jessica concerning marketing is very valuable. I am glad to be a part of the Host2Transform community and to have gained and have access to extra skills and knowledge concerning opening the potential of many people.

John Jong - former Rocket Scientist, Transformation Coach
Certified Host2Transform Practitioner

Webinar agenda 

Join our engaging and free of charge webinars, that gives yo insights how to apply the Host DesignToolkit to drive transformation. How it benefits you and the organinsations you (potentially) work for, scale in its social and business impact. By Jessica Tangelder, Founder Host2Transform.

Host2Transform inspired me to act upon my ambitions, despite of limiting beliefs. It brought me, as an international individual, closer to my surroundings and co-workers, in my professional and personal life. Applying the H2T rules of thumb have proved to be extremely beneficial, especially when it comes to new opportunities. I am forever grateful for this program! 5 STARS!

Bridget Shelton, Business Innovator,
Certified H2T Practitioner - U.S.A.

Focus-strategy session

During the coaching session we help you to illuminate what you really want and, that, what might is blocking your to get there, and how we can help (or not) to create the career or business that fits your purpose and resonated with your potential!

Focus sessions are one-on-one, free of charge. If we think we can be of help, we contact you for a free session.