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How HOST practitioners and their work environment experience our programs

It is a powerful tool to get the stones rolling towards a more collaborative, more effective and more innovative working culture spreading in organisations where members/employees have the possibility to grow.

- Manuela Bosch

Entrepreneur, Facilitator & Process Designer,
Germany, Berlin

It is a Treasure Chest to put the individual at the centre. It is a creative & powerful source of inspiration for fresh & energetic education. In every class I teach or training I provide, I add a little 'Host to Transform'.

- Sylvia Bronkhorst

Educator & Trainer Entrepreneurial Behaviour,

The Netherlands

I, my peers and participants,
continue to be amazed when observing

the power of this approach.

- Karla van Loock

Organisational Change Facilitator &
Consultant, Belgium.

I was flabbergasted by it's simplicity and transformational impact. The tools enable me to bring clarity in people's uncertain future. Something most people long for in our fast changing world.

- Ton Bakker
Executive coach &
Trainer Change Mangement, The Netherlands

Marketing Tools come in hand.....

- John
Transformational Leadership Coach

Clarity to that what I really want.
Illuminates my purpose.

- Yuri
Permaculture & Massage Therapist

Business Innovations

- Brigitte,
Entrepreneur, The USA


Together with our Certified Host2Transform Partner Practitioners and hybrid international network, we empower Small Medium Enterprises who drive transformation and are eager to work more agile in order to see, create and seize new opportunities and continuously grow and develop, and exponentially scale their social business impact
in our fast changing world.

We work in human-centered way, as learning and development requires intrinsic motivated participants, where everyone can learn in their own pace and way, on their own level and demand-based needs. A Cultural Transformation to unlock a supportive, learning & leading work environment, does not happen over night. Also we believe in empowerment and innovation, our engagement is minimal 3 months and maximal 1 year. With the option to stay a lifelong learning YourHost2Transform Member, as emerging knowledge always kicks-in and for you to learn from like-minded drivers of transformation.

Our approach is to gear between coaching, training, facilitating and consulting techniques. What ever is needed unlock personal leadership, leadership development and business innovations in an integral, continuous and scalable way.