The HOST method next level leadership training

The HOST Method Next Level Leadership Training

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  • one month access to the world-wide validated
    "HOST METHOD TRAINING" (value: EU 2,000 - 5,000 price per daily workshop)
  • practiced by over 135 Host2Transform practitioners across industries, cultures and the globe
  • possibility to tap into a 60 bilion dollar Leadership, Learning & Development, and Business Innovations industry

Apply the HOST Method:

  • the human-centered framework that enables you to design and activate a "universal-human-mechanism" to unlock the potential within individuals, organisations and societies
  • In a way it comes easy to you, you can enjoy it with a tremendous impact on your (work)environment
  • It equips you to create the conditions for effective collaboration, vitality, inclusion and innovation.
Unlock an AGILE work environment where people:

  • connect with themselves and others
  • see, create and seize new opportunities in the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world
  • embrace uncertainty and become self-leading and self-organised
  • contribute to a work culture for continuous learning and development


What practitioners say

I am an independent HR professional, interested in exploring different ways for transformation in HR.
Host2Transform is one of my favorites and U.lab (Theory U), organisation constellations and many others. 

Ellis Haring (The Netherlands)

Freelance HR Interim Manager

Certified Host2Transform Practitioner

Transforming Human Resource Management

I find it amazing, the HOST exercises, to watch all the videos and to learn about all the different exercises.
They have a tremendous impact on the groups I work with. 
I think the best thing of Host2Transform is the infinite information and possibility.

Marcelle Barges-Jans (USA)

Freelance Power of Vulnerability Trainer 

Certified Host2Transform Practitioner

Transforming Corporates

 I had to host a co-creation session. However the procedure I had to follow felt totally wrong. It was way to rational oriented and static. I shared this with Jessica and that I wanted to do it in a more energetic way, Host2Transform style. Jessica shared her thoughts and suggestions to change the procedure, but still achieving the outcome what was expected. However short the preparation (session was the next morning) I decided to follow through with the Host2Transform style. The next morning I shared my thoughts with another co-creation host and he agreed with my idea. When I heard that we had to bring the co-creation tables from 6 to 3 tables and therefore also the hosts, I felt that my plan could fail because of that. Actually the opposite was true. The person who I shared my idea became my co-host and the setting of the table was perfect for my purpose. I did the check-in, ranging exercise and many of the suggestions Jessica gave and I had time for. It was a success and the participants enjoyed it. So a wonderful start to make changes for the next co-creation sessions :D

 John Schmeitz (The Netherlands)

Transformational Leadership Consultant

Certified Host2Transform Practitioner

Transforming Health Care

As a relatively new H.O.S.T. practitioner, I continue to be amazed when observing the power of this approach. At the different occasions where I have used H.O.S.T. so far, the energy that sparks from this facilitation technique impresses both me as a facilitator, as well as the participants in the sessions and workshops. It starts with the human contact, that brings smiles on faces and laughter in the room. It generates the openness to establish real contact and interest amongst members of any group, even one composed of perfect strangers. The H.O.S.T. approach demonstrates its full added value when we start tapping into the shared resources: support, tools, contacts, ideas, … come floating to the surface when participants table questions like “What do I need? What am I struggling with? What is blocking me?”. Because of these experiences with H.O.S.T.,
I am very confident to propose this approach to various groups and initiatives that are specifically looking for a facilitation technique to brings relative strangers in real contact with each other, as well as building it into workshops and trainings with more established teams.

Karla van Loock (Belgium)

Change Facilitator, Strategy Consultant

Certified Host2Transform Practitioner

Transforming Corporates


About the Founder

Jessica Tangelder (based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands) is a visionary kindred entrepreneur, a pioneer who seizes win-win-win-win opportunities that benefit people, organisations, and societies.

In 2012, she founded Host2Transform, and by now, has trained, coached, and consulted hundreds of Host2Transform practitioners, entrepreneurs, business students, SME’s, large scale organisations, and corporations around the world.

"Connecting Beyond Boundaries" is key in her work: to connect people with themselves and their (work)environment to unlock Transformation and foster agile mindsets, behaviours and vital, inclusive and innovative work cultures.

Her eclectic background in business, science, arts, digital and innovation are blended throughout her work and makes YourHost2Transform a unique cutting-edge
human-centered thriving "Consultancy 3.0" Platform.

Host2Transform is a global network company that makes (self)empowerment practices accessible for modern change consultants and organisations across industries, cultures and the globe. For drivers of transformation, who are eager to unlock real change, with ease, joy, and scalable social and business impact.


✓ Lecture & Designer Business Innovations at over 6 International Business Universities
 in Europe, 
Asia and the USA

✓ Business Coach for Small-Medium Enterprises
✓ Trainer Applied Improvisation Theatre Techniques 

✓ Intern for the Dutch Mission towards the United Nations in New York (Social-Economic Department)

Academic Background: 

✓ MA Conflict Resolutions (International Relations)

✓ MA Organisational Anthropology (Culture, Organisation & Management)

✓ BSc Sociology

✓ Minors: 

- Culture & Language.

- International Public Law

- Entrepreneurship


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