The HOST method next level leadership training

Redesign Work Environments 

Foster a Culture of Innovation 

Unlock Transformation within 20 minutes

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 All pictures and testimonials presented are real people: real Host2Transform practitioners.

What you'll receive:


a deeper understanding about the challenges & opportunities (the why) that urges us to work, educate and lead in human-centred ways.

Design & Toolkit

the hands-on HOST practices that empowers you to innovate your "soft skills" that creates the condition for innovation and leverages opportunities in a 

digital age.

Language &


 speak an empowering language that encourages your work environment to innovate and drive transformation. Also powerful to use during e.g. leading teams, presentations and sales meetings. 

New Business & 
Career Opportunities

whether you're an independent freelancer or an in-company leader or HR decision maker, this training enables you to tap into a 60 bilion euro growing industry.

Drive real transformation

Your information is safe with us

All pictures and testimonials presented are real people: real Host2Transform practitioners.


  • enables you to design and unlock a "universal-human-mechanism" to unlock the potential within individuals, businesess, organisations and societies

  • innovative your skills in a way that comes natural to you, you can enjoy it and with a tremendous impact on your (work)environment

  • It equips you to create the conditions for effective collaboration, vitality, inclusion and a culture of continuous learning and development (innovation)


  • connect with themselves and others

  • see, create and seize new opportunities in the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world

  • embrace uncertainty and become a supportive, (self)leading and (self)learning thriving community that embraces lifelong learning

Contribute to human-centred ways of how we work, educate & lead

Your information is safe with us.

All pictures and testimonials presented are real people: real Host2Transform practitioners.

What Host2Transform practitioners say

I am an independent HR professional, interested in exploring different ways for transformation in HR.
I hosted a 30 minute “Get AGILE” HOST mini session as the kick-off of an organisation re-design program. The HOST method sparked both the operation as the managers. It turned out to be the perfect “teaser”, an acquisition tool, to show the MT the possibilities of working with me, Host2Transform and experiential learning. We’re now talking about my contribution to their long-term cultural change program, to enhance a new way of working together; empowered while seizing new opportunities. 

Ellis Haring (The Netherlands)

Freelance HR Interim Manager

Certified Host2Transform Practitioner

Transforming Human Resource Management

I find it amazing, the HOST exercises, to watch all the videos and to learn about all the different exercises.
They have a tremendous impact on the groups I work with.  

I think the best thing of Host2Transform is the infinite information and possibility.

Marcelle Barges-Jans (USA)

Freelance Power of Vulnerability Trainer 

Certified Host2Transform Practitioner

Transforming Corporates

 Host2Transform helped me to reconnect with my flow. To not always try to do it "right".

Be mindful and more kind to yourself. It involves lifelong learning and this is a great way to do it.

What I like about Jessica is that she's able to connect with people, you feel her energy,

you feel safe and stimulates you to be whoever you want to be.

 Karim Ras (The Netherlands)

Independent Consultant

Change Management & Transformation Processes

Transforming Organisations

As a relatively new H.O.S.T. practitioner, I continue to be amazed when observing the power of this approach. At the different occasions where I have used H.O.S.T. so far, the energy that sparks from this facilitation technique impresses both me as a facilitator, as well as the participants in the sessions and workshops. I am very confident to propose this approach to various groups and initiatives that are specifically looking for a facilitation technique to brings relative strangers in real contact with each other, as well as building it into workshops and trainings with more established teams.

Karla van Loock (Belgium)

Change Facilitator, Strategy Consultant

Certified Host2Transform Practitioner

Transforming Corporates

Foster agile mindsets, behaviours and work cultures

Your information is safe with us.

All pictures and testimonials presented are real people: real Host2Transform practitioners.

Transform Your World, And That of Others.

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