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‘Trust of losing face’ – Meet John Schmeitz

Connecting the dots
My working life is one of service, where communication is a red thread. Starting as a service engineer in telecommunications, I soon found I most liked interacting with the client about what he really needs. That led to becoming a consultant, first focused on technology, and later, on telecom policy and process management. What I found intriguing was that, sometimes, perfect advice with an easy action plan and almost no risks ended up in the drawer and was not implemented. I realized that, often, people don’t act rationally, especially when feeling unsafe or fearing possible consequences. I wanted to know more about people and their behavior, so I studied to become a personal coach.

Around the same time, about 10 years ago, I experienced a physical break-down. A back injury caused me to shut down for several months. Wondering why this happened, I realized I never said NO and hence packed too much weight and responsibility on my shoulder. I also used my energy in the wrong way and change was needed. This was the start of learning to meditate and personal development. I learned to say NO more, slow down, enjoy nature, and started to coach people.

Another step was becoming an independent entrepreneur, working on the cutting edge of technology, process, and people, mostly for healthcare organizations and education. The last few years, I noticed that work didn’t flow anymore. I realized what I was doing supported traditional organizations only interested in maintaining the status quo at the expense of natural resources. I believe that only through co-creation is positive change possible. I wanted to leave a legacy for my three children, an environment where they could live safely and in harmony. For that, I had to turn things around and use my potential to transform my environment into a healthy and safe haven. I became a partner in several citizen initiatives, striving for a healthy environment. Mostly, I coordinated the ICT, but also hosted co-creation sessions as a transition facilitator. These co-creation sessions involved government, entrepreneurs, science/education, and citizens, because we need each other to build the healthy environment. Connection, openness, and sharing in a safe environment is important for working together and unlocking the potential. Host2Transform enables to achieve just that.

In spring 2016, I joined Host2Transform as a practitioner and member for facilitating co-creation. Within the practitioner program, I went through a phase of transformation to unlock my potential and follow my heart, doing what I believe in. Host2transform helped with this by connecting to my purpose and limiting beliefs. I want to help others who go through the same process I went through and become a transformational leader. That is anyone who knows their own potential, stewards the potential of what they feel wants to happen, and goes for it.

Fear of losing face
After I learned more about Host2Transform, it was also important to put it into practice. This felt very uncomfortable and stretched my comfort zone. How can I overcome this block and follow through? Something that helped me to overcome my fear of losing face was to take myself not so seriously and just have fun. Below, you’ll find a video of Terry Patten, who inspired me to see the situation at hand as a cartoon, where everybody is a cartoon character. Visualizing this helped me step up and do what I believed I should do.

Enjoy my guest blogs about my experiences with Host2Transform and facilitating co-creation.

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2 thoughts on “‘Trust of losing face’ – Meet John Schmeitz

By Pip Oxlade on 27 January 2017

Hi John
Good words

By John Schmeitz on 1 February 2017

Thanks Pip, appreciate it. Though it feels uncomfotable to write personal experiences, I hope many will follow. Showing vulnerability and openness enables to connect as human beings. Something I believe is very important in these times of uncertainty.

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