Webinar Agenda

The Future of Training, Coaching, 
Education & Consultancy is Here 



Discover the 3 Fundamental Truths on How To Drive 

Real Transformation & Grow Your Business 

Who is the Program for?

Starting and experienced independent trainers, educators, facilitators, designers, coaches and consultants who are eager to: 

  • transform the way we work, lead and educate

  • innovate their skills to drive real Transformation with ease, joy and impact!
  • take their freelance business to the next level, on their own terms

Your HOST: Jessica Tangelder

Entrepreneur, founder Host2Transform
Consultant Business Innovations & Leadership

What you'll discover in this webinar:


✔️ Three Global Trends illuminating the urge for real change in how we work,
educate and lead (to attract your ideal clients).

✔️ Three Global Trends illuminating the opportunities for agents of transformation,
to leverage their skills to impact people, business and society.


✔️ How tapping into your Next Level Leadership Sweet Spot transforms your world, that of your clients,

and helps you grow your freelance business on your own terms.

✔️ Business cases: how Host2Transform helps innovate the skills of our practitioners to drive real transformation,
and empower people and businesses.

✔️ Insights in our pre-order offer to the "YourHost2Transform" Next Level Leadership Program

✔️ We'll answer all your question at the end of the webinar.

If you're not making someone else's life better, then you're wasting your time. Your life will become better by making
other lives better.

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