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Drive Transformation, unlock:
supportive mindsets, behaviours & work cultures.

Are you eager to empower yourself and your (freelance) business to unlock the potential within individuals, teams, organizations and societies? With ease, joy and scalable social and business impact?

Host2Transform represents worlds most supportive, learning and leading work environment to learn and develop in exponential ways and engage with like-minded drives of Transformation from across industries and countries.

Enjoy lifting each other to the next level, the world needs you. We've got your back!



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World's most impactful Leadership Development Program
Get access to our:

world-class Hybrid ecosystem-network of
like-minded drivers of Transformation. Grow with us, we've got your back.

lifelong, action-learning World-class Academy. Learn and develop in your own pace, way and on your own level tailored to your emerging needs.

monthly LIVE Implementation, Q&A and powerful network sessions; find your accountability partner and/or start a Master Mind.

HOST "Treasure Chest" that includes modern experiential & immersive learning practices, DIY-designs, strategies that enable you to drive Transformation.

connective & impactful sales approaches that help you attract your ideal clients who embrace your Transformative impact and are eager to seize new opportunities that empowers people and their business.

our win-win-win-win partnership opportunities, whether it’s unlocking a H2T community in your city, joining an affiliate-partnership or contribute to our social empowerment programs. It's up to you.

The Future is uncertain for many of us.

Host2Transform helps people to gain clarity in their future. 

Ton Bakker
Executive Coach & Trainer Change Management

Our Transformative Purpose

Host2Transform provides world's most impactful leadership academy and hybrid ecosystem that empowers Drivers of Transformation to unlock the potential within individuals, organisations and societies, anytime and in anyplace.

We scale business and social impact exponentially through our for-profit-purpose training programs, scholarships and social empowerment partner programs across the world.

The Future of Work is here:
Empower individuals, teams, organisations & societies.
Anytime in anyplace 

Manifesto: Connect beyond boundaries

Imagine a world where we are all able to connect with ourselves and others, beyond internal and external boundaries; our cognitive biases (fears, judgements and skepticism), and traditional political, educational, organisational and cultural systems.

How would your world, and that around you look like?

The approach to bring The Future of Work, Education & Leadership in practice. Our pre-order offer: 

Annual fee: €999,- 


Membership (1 year free)

Join our monthly Q&A Implementation, Network-accountability partner & Sprints sessions. Experience "Exponential Learning", the power of the wisdom of the crowd, learn from our H2T experts and like-minded drivers of Transformation sharing their brilliant failures and best practices driving Transformation within their work context. Super valuable!

One-term payment: €399,-


Unlock (your) Transformative Purpose

What are is your Transformative Purpose? What is that of the influencers you train, coach or facilitate (host)? In this module you get the opportunity to reinvent yourself, before you start unlocking transformations within others. Ofcourse, these practices can be applied in yourself, as much as on your clients (and give them a 5-star experience).

The Innovation Foundation and spiral enable you to make every step in the process very practical and an intrinsic Transformative experience. After this module you've the set the conditions, the filter, when to say "yes!" and when to say "no" to new offers in life and work. Become the architect of your life and work! 

One-time fee: €999,-


HOST DesignToolkit

1000 plus variations how to unlock transformation from a human-centered level and drive transformation that naturally leads to a vital, innovative and inclusive work environment that simply performs better, with ease, fun and scalable social and business impact.

Applying the HOST formula is a Transformative and contagious experience for all parties, yourself as practitioner included. 

Applicable for personal leadership development, leadership development, business innovations and beyond.

One time fee: €2245,-

€ 999,-

HOST StrategySales toolkit

Connective and win-win-win-win ways how to measure your social and business impact (Return on Investment) in a structured way scale. Learn how to gear between your role as consultant, coach and trainer. Share your stories with the world and gain 5-star reviews that helps build your portfolio and get your ideal client in.

Partner with us by e.g. unlocking your local Host2Transform Hub and attract your favourate clients.

€ 399-


Certification Program

Become a Certified Practitioner by applying our steppins stone Next Level Leadership program metrics, while building your portfolio. Contribute to Transformations within companies and check our opportunities to partner with us in a way that suits you and your work environment best.

We've certified over 130 practitioner across the globe (and counting), with this brand new online program we aim to reach out for more people, for those whom can afford our Western pricing and for those who apply for a scholarship and matches the requirements. Our one for one approach makes you, and all our practitioners, philanthropes from the start :) !

Off-line events

50% discount on our off-line Host2Transform global and local events around the world. We create a humble, safe, supportive, leading and learning environment to Learn-by-Doing, to unlock your potential while empowering others. Ofcourse keep co-creating informal meet-ups through our "Community Tools".

We've got your back to train your skills, sub-conscious, mindset & behaviour to empower others, anywhere & anytime.

Check the full Program curriculum Here

Full curriculum.....(pending)

What Host2Transform Practitioners say:

Marcelle Barges-Jans (US)
Freelance Vulnerability Incompany Trainer 

Certified Host2Transform Practitioner

Redesigning Corporate Culture

Ingmar Nieuwold (The Netherlands)
 Freelance Consultant & Facilitator Cultural Change

Redesigning Organizations 

Besides the inspiring coaching method in Host2Transform I find the support of Jessica and of the other members very positive and helpful. For me also the knowledge of Jessica concerning marketing is very valuable. I am glad to be a part of the Host2Transform community and to have gained and have access to extra skills and knowledge concerning opening the potential of many people.

John Jong (The Netherlands)

Transformation Coach
 & Rocket Scientist
Certified Host2Transform Practitioner
Redesigning Leadership Development

Manuela Bosch (Germany)

Freelance Designer & Facilitator

Redesigning Corporate Culture

Ellis Haring (The Netherlands)
Freelance HR Interim Manager
Certified Host2Transform Practitioner

Redesigning Human Resource Management

I find the excercises of Host2Transform very helpful to create an open space to co-create. The online community platform supports me as facilitator by giving examples in videos, inspiration and suggestions by Jessica and other community members.

John Schmeitz (The Netherlands)
Transformational Leadership Consultant

Certified Host2Transform Practitioner & Associate
Redesiging Co-creative Organizational Cultures

What practitioners (end-consumers) say:

Deepak Shukla (UK)
Digital Nomad
Personal and business growth,
complementary knowledge, networks and skills

Tej Pochiraju (India, Bangalore)

CEO Jaaga Startup

Unlocking a supportive, learning and leading
Tech Start-up Community Culture

Getting to know Jessica was inspiring and fun. She has great talent to create a mindset of trust, openness and playfullness amongst a group of people. Thus providing a solid base for transformation, co-creation and innovation within organisations, networks and perhaps even whole societies!

Saskia Jongma (The Netherlands)

Program Leader Modern Economy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Nick Grahem (UK)

Purpose-driven Business Developer

Personal and business growth,

complementary knowledge, networks and skills

Jan Bashaijha (Czech Republic)
Purpose-driven Entrepreneur

Personal and business growth,

complementary knowledge, networks and skills

I think that the exercises are an excellent way to get people to engage with the people around them. I am very enthusiastic about the methods Host2Transform presents to achieve more flexible employees.

Niek Vrielink

Learning & Development HCM Innovation

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We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Our hope is that you’re beyond satisfied with the program and we also expect you to give your very best effort to apply the practices, tools and strategies and when you're a member to engage in the monthly sessions or watch the replay's.

That’s why in order to be eligible for our 30 day Money Back Guarantee, you must submit proof that you did the course work and it did not work for you.

If you do the full course work, don’t feel that it worked for you and submit your work within 30 days of purchase, we’ll promptly refund your course fee.

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