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The YourHost2Transform Program:

YourHost2Transform is an online Transformative Leadership Business program that includes a global community of modern independent consultants, facilitators, coaches, educators, trainers, who’re eager to unlock the potential within themselves, people, organisations and societies, across industries and cultures, and grow their purpose-driven business.

Applying non-traditional "teaching" practices and getting your business up and running requires confidence, a supportive network with like-minded drivers of Transformation active across industries, cultures and countries, and the ability to consistently execute on the right sales and marketing strategies. 

YourHost2Transform can fast-track your growth and save you years of expensive trial-and-error.
We’ve already Certified over 135 Host2Transform Practitioners across 6 industries and 15 countries (and counting) and we’d be honored to work with you too. Ride the wave of innovation while you scale our social and business impact exponentially.

Spread empowerment across industries, cultures and the globe, with us. 
We've got your back!

Our Purpose 

We tap into Three Global Trends that urges for a shift from system-centered towards human-centered: vital, inclusive, and innovative, ways in how we work, lead and educate

Exponential growth of depression

urges organisations to prevent 

burn-out by unlocking vitality and inclusion (World Health Organisation)

Exponential decrease business life cycles 

urges organisations to reinvent themselves 24/7 (Yale University)

Increasingly Interconnected world

urges for intercultural practices and digitalisation that engage, unite and ease alignment.

We spread empowerment across industries, cultures, and the globe,
through our win-win-win-win social business strategy, as we:

  • provide non-traditional human-centered training, coaching, teaching and consultancy practices, that empowers you, your work environment, and creates new career and business opportunities

  • connect our for-profit-purposes training programs to social empowerment programs across the world
 and provide a number of scholarships

  • create the opportunity for you to grow with us by tapping into our partnership possibilities.

It's our purpose to empower you to Transform your world, and that of others.

Our Impact

Who is the Program for?

We empower small business owners to increase
social and business impact across the globe

We support you during your entire Transformative Journey

Next to the structure, world-class teaching, impact sheets, and guidance, we help you to create yourself a support sysytem of high-end mentors and buddies, or start a master mind that matches your needs and brings your business to the next level.

You’ll do all of this in a way that’s fully aligned with your talent, passion, values, and mission.

Leaders of Transformation
who join YourHost2Transform are: 

  • purpose-driven to contribute to real change 

  • willing to invest in their personal, skill and business development, in terms of time, energy and money

  • eager to learn non-traditional ways in how we work, educate and lead in a fast changing world

  • dare to learn by doing, embrace "mistakes" as new information and take responsibility for their (non) acts

  • into puzzles: make sense of challenging situations and developing simple interventions for transforming them
  • feel empowered when they empower others

Besides the inspiring coaching method in Host2Transform, I find the support of Jessica and of the other members very positive and helpful. For me, the knowledge of Jessica about marketing is very valuable. I am glad to be a part of the Host2Transform community and to have gained and have access to extra skills and knowledge about opening the potential of many people.

John Jong (The Netherlands)

Transformation Coach
 & Rocket Scientist

Certified Host2Transform Practitioner

Transforming Leadership

Our approach to empower you to unlock
the potential within people, businesses, organisations, and societies.





I am an independent HR professional, interested in exploring different ways for transformation in HR. Host2Transform is one of my favorites and U.lab
(Theory U), organisation constellations and many others. Now I'm ready to develop specific services and tools. The Design Challenge in this community will be a big help.

Ellis Haring (The Netherlands)

Freelance HR Interim Manager

Certified Host2Transform Practitioner

Transforming Human Resource Management

Your Transformative Journey at Your Fingertips

Everything is Online: No Travel Required

The entire program is based online so you can participate from home or work.

All course materials, including streaming videos, MP3s, transcripts, Impact Sheets (aka Transformative assignments) and additional resources are within our online member portal. You’ll also be able to ask questions, get feedback and connect with fellow Host2Transform practitioners and H2T coaches online.

I find it amazing, the HOST exercises, to watch all the videos and to learn about all the different exercises. They have a tremendous impact on the groups I work with.
I found it a very easy to select exercises to embrace my topic [Power of Vulnerability in Corporates]. I feel really excited about picking another topic, and I can choose another selection of exercises that will be equally great. I think the best thing of Host2Transform is the infinite information and possibility.

Marcelle Barges-Jans (USA)

Freelance Power of Vulnerability Trainer 

Certified Host2Transform Practitioner

Transforming Corporates

Study, practice & buddy-up
in your time, pace and on your level 

  • Never miss a session, as you're always able to respond on playback recordings.
  • We have built a 12 month study, practice and buddy-up structure that includes Implementation and Q&A sessions that focus on the self-study modules. You can speed-up or slow down at any time.
  • Connective-Network sessions are for you to get the know our supportive tribe, and exchange complementary knowledge, networks, and skills, with ease, fun and scalable impact. 
  • Being connected with yourself and your tribe to build yourself a strong ecosystem is our key priority. We try to avoid you running through all the modules by yourself, while little or no action is taken.

Business & career opportunities to work with
global leading organisations such as:

We've successfully applied the cutting-edge Host2Transform services for Small Medium Enterprises, large scale companies, and organisations working in education, the public, and the private domain.

Get Guidance, Support & Community

If you’re overwhelmed and feel like you’re in over your head with your small business — we can help. Once you join YourHost2Transform, you’ll have guidance and support from like-minded drives of Transformation in a safe and
uplifting environment.

World-class Hybrid Ecosystem-Network-Community of
like-minded drivers of Transformation, across industries and countries. We've got your back and can help you get unstuck any time!

Lifetime Access to the Action-Learning Academy Programs. Everyone learns differently. Learn and develop at your own pace, in your own way, and on your own level. While we challenge you moving forward: think big and act consistently with small and doable next steps.

1 Year Membership access to Monthly LIVE Coaching and Connective Networking sessions; get engaged with like-minds who share the same visio, find yourself an accountability buddy, start a Master Mind that accelerates your social and business impact. 

HOST DesignToolkit "Treasure Chest" to innovate your consulting, coaching, education, and training skills: innovative practices that unlock experiential & immersive learning and enable you to meet any (unexpected) user-need and deliver 5-star review services.

Connective & Modern Marketing and sales approaches that help you attract high-level change clients and increase sales to help your freelance business grow in your desired pace. 

Win-Win-Win-Win Partnership Opportunities
 to grow with us. Get Certified and tap into world-wide exposure, while attracting your ideal clients.

Dedicated Support by H2T Coaches. We're developing a Team of coaches, who're small business owners and Certified Host2Transform Practitioners. 

Active Lesson Comments.
Under each training video, you’re invited to comment and get responses from our team of H2T coaches, Host2Transform Practitioners, your fellow students, the H2T Team
and Jessica.

The Answer Vault.
You’ll have access to hundreds of other students’ questions, along with answers from Jessica, our H2T Team and guest experts, so you’ll always have precise wisdom at your fingertips.

Here's exactly what you'll Learn & practice in each Program

The YourHost2Transform program's action-learning modules focus on empowerment practices, tools and strategies that empowers you to become a more effective agent of - individual, organisational and societal, transformation and empower your organisation, start-up or grow your profitable business.

This unique blend of personal leadership, leadership development and business innovation practices, will help you to focus, to gain clarity about your next steps, and gives you the certainty that "you know what you're doing". It enables you to be the be(come) the best version of yourself, while unlocking the potential of many others. You feel supported by like-minded Transformation from across industries and countries, and attract your ideal clients with ease, joy and scalable impact.

Here’s our program description so you can make sure this program is right for you:

Lead by example: We believe you're only capable of Transforming the worlds of others if you Transform that of yours first. This, with no doubt, is the most challenging course of all, encourages you to introspect, to do "inner work", to deep dive into how you're 'wired' and how to "re-engineer" yourself to become self-empowered yourself to move beyond any hurdles and embrace obstacles as a given, which makes you unstoppable! What you can expect in this next level leadership course:

Class 1 - Illuminate Your Transformative Purpose - Validate & leverage your unique talent, passion, values, and mission.
Class 2 - The ‘one thing’ laser focus: what's the Transformatiom you'd like to see and contribute to

Class 3 - How to recognise and move beyond Your Limiting Beliefs (self sabotage)

Class 4 - Create the right job or business for you - mapping the field

Class 5 - Stretch your goals 10 times - unlock new neuro-paths

Class 6 - Unlock Systemic Transformation

Class 7 - Create Your Transformative Roadmap - Your One Page Plan & Weekly Planner

Class 8 - Frame Your Transformative Story: connect the dots

Class 9 - Create Your Support System: friends & networks

Class 10 - Mentors, Buddies, Coaches & Master Minds

Class 11 - How to embrace uncertainty and “failure”

Class 12 - Lifehacks to Follow-Through & get "Unstuck" - Stress Reduction & The One Thing Focus


1. Unlock empowering and contructive routines

2. Practices to “Network” with ease, joy and impact

3. Transformative experience: Art of Living, Row4Rights, and Burning-men

4. Transformative practices by thought leaders applied in the 21st century
5. Recommended personal growth practices and programs

This program is a lifelong iterative learning process. We encourage you to apply, repeat and update during the course of your life.

(One-term payment: €899,-) Included with your YourHost2Transform tuition

World-class validated and so-called HOST Transformative "Consultancy 3.0" practices, designs and tools that innovate your skills for you to set the conditions for (personal, team, organisational) transformations to occur. The list is endless: in short, the practices and designs empower you to:

  • tap into a 60-billion-dollar "personal development, leadership development and business innovation" industry worldwide, that is still growing.
  • gear between trainers-, coachings-, facilitation-, education- and consultancy practices
  • help organisations overcome today's biggest (global) challenges and bring clarity in the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world
  • unlock the potential within individuals, organisations and societies, with ease, joy, and scalable impact, anytime and in anyplace (educational, public and private domain)
  • save yourself 7 years of trial-and-error in time, energy and money
  • feel certain about "what you're doing" and contribute to real change
  • the Design-It-Yourself (DIY) meta-practices help you to tweak any practice to the needed result
  • No time? No or little experience with HOST? "Plug-and-play" by applying the "ready-made Designs" HOST Designs for any session, workshop, program, event, or curriculum you're building, e.g
    - strategy, co-creation, dialogue, creativity, design-thinking sessions

    - personal leadership, leadership development, entrepreneurship and business innovations (coaching, training, facilitation) programs
- to innovative meetings with ease joy and scalable impact

    - to unconference conferences and bring humility and authenticity into "unforced" networking
- strategic advices, HR and business innovations coaching and consultation
- streamlining alignment, (complex) multi-stakeholder meetings
- streamlining core-values, communication, collaboration and decision-making processes

    - unlocking human energy, openness to engage, shared resources (knowledge, networks and skills) that leads to (systemic) transformation
    - experiential, immersive, gamified and exponential learning sessions
- community and ecosystem building 

    - chief happiness or lead engagement
- executive coaching
- organisational or cultural change management consulting

    - your workshop, sessions, based on your why and framing
- Train-the-trainer facilitation of Innovation programs

    - interactive, mind-bubbling transformative, short and powerful presentations  

    -  etc. (the list is growing)

Each modules contains over 100 practices and tips to empower yourself to unlock the potential within people, businesses, organisations, and societies. 

Module 1 - Get AGILE! HOST Next Level Leadership

Module 2 - 6 Practices to Unlock a Transformative Work Culture

Module 3 - Design To Transform - Design it Yourself and 10 pre-designed Transformative designs for you to apply across industries, cultures, and the globe 

Module 4 - Attitude to Transform - gear between coaching, facilitation, training, and consultancy practices.

Module 5 - Frame to Transform - how to and pre-designed authentic and fact-based stories that invites Your participants to leave their comfort-zone and moves beyond any Scepticism, Judgement, or fear.

Module 6 - Reflect to Transform - Over 10 ways how to reflect and enables your clients to tap into their subconscious, create more self-awareness, and get people into action to be the change and Transform their lives and that of their work environment, and organisation.

Module 7a - Human Energy | HOST Toolkit

Module 7b - Openness to Engage | HOST Toolkit

Module 7c - Shared Resources | HOST Toolkit

Module 7d - Transformation | HOST Toolkit

Bonus: Digital Leadership - run online meetings with ease, fun & scalable impact

Bonus: 100 Power questions to unlock transformation

Bonus: Building supportive, Learning & Leading (online & offline) hybrid communities

Bonus: Become a Certified HOST Practitioner | LinkedIn Host2Transform Association


Even with zero or little experience, practitioners get 5-star reviews by their participants. 

If over 135 Host2Transform practitioners, across industries, cultures and the globe can do it, so can you.

(One-term payment: €1999,-) Included with your YourHost2Transform tuition

  • apply modern business models that suit you
  • innovative impact measurement tools
  • powerful approaches to partner-up with minimum structure and maximum initiative 
  • how to activate your network
  • how to attract like-minded clients (instead of approaching them)
  • scale your business impact exponentially
  • build trust with your audience through connective sales techniques you can enjoy and creates mutual value, always
  • sell more of your services
  • how to increase (online) visibility
  • how to internalise modern next level leadership practices fast, create your niche and unique service, while you collect powerful 5-star reviews that give credibility
  • win-win-win-win partner business strategies to cooperate and scale impact
  • create yourself a support-system, a community that lifts each other to the next level: make Transformative steps by collaborating with accountability buddies or Master Mind group.

  • create outstanding customer experiences

  • charge what you’re worth

Module 1 - Your Money Mindset Shift

Module 2 - Profit Plan (5, 6, 7, or, 8 figures?)

Module 3 - Allocating & Investing Your Profit Wisely

Module 4 - Business Models That Suit You

Module 5 - Apply Win-Win-Win-Win Connective Sales & Get Grateful Customers

Module 6 - Increase Your Online & Offline Exposure

Module 7 - Design A Service People Must Have & Love

Module 8 - Digital Marketing Accelerator 

Bonus: How to run Empowering Master Minds, with ease, joy, and scalable impact.

Bonus: How to get 5-star Transformative reviews, always!

Must reads, audio, and watch’s.

(One time fee: €2245) Included with your YourHost2Transform tuition

We've certified over 130 practitioners across industries, sectors, and the globe who, apply the HOST Transformative "Consultancy 3.0" practices, on a daily basis by internalising it into their mindset, behaviours and the DNA of their work environment..

Become a Certified Host2Transform Practitioner through action-learning if you're eager to do so. Why a certification could be interesting for you:  

  • next to your self-esteem, it builds your curriculum and opens doors to companies we are associated with
  • a shared language and practices that connect you with your peers on a deeper level 
  • you gain global exposure through our media channels, as we champion enablers of (self)empowerment, practitioners who empower themselves to unlocks the potential within individuals, organisations and societies.

It opens doors to:

  • collaborate with your peers, to buddy up and present yourself as a strong hybrid network with a shared Transformative purpose (which is gold!) 
  • work with like-minded leaders and influencers, clients who embrace our work
  • innovative your skills and tap into the 60-billion-dollar Personal Leadership, Leadership Development and Business Innovation's "industry"
  • grow with us as there are win-win-win-win partnership opportunities to lift each other to the next level. When you're certified you can grow with us an associate partner.

    Become a Certified Host2Transform Practitioner

    Class 1 - Benefits of be(come) a Certified Host2Transform Practitioner - Your Privilages

    Class 2 - The metrics to optimise your results and scale your social and business impact

    Class 3 - Host2Transform Style for applying our services as a practitioner

    Class 4 - Host2Transform Style for "selling" our H2T online programs (affiliate)

    Class 5 - Building Your Host2Transform Portfolio & Get 5-star Transformative Reviews!

(Annual fee Practitioners Certification: €999) Included with your YourHost2Transform tuition

As a YourHost2Transform member you get over fifty per cent discount on our off-line Host2Transform global and encourage practitioners to pair up and initiate local events. What make our sessions and events extra-ordinary is:

  • by our clear "positioning", we attract natural leaders, humble and authentic small business owners who all want to get better in: 
a) internalising the three pillars of Next Level Leadership; innovative practices that enables you to uplift:

    - yourself
- your work environment (your clients, peers, team etc.)
- your freelance business or the organisations you might work for
  • interesting experts and guests
  • Design & Do-It-Your-Self! practices your "Future of Work Practices" with your peers. Learn in exponential ways.

We've got your back to provide and create a supportive, learning and leading environment that works for you. We pull you out of your comfort-zone and then; after all, doing the same leads to the same results. We help you to "act yourself in new ways of thinking", with ease, joy, and scalable impact.

(First seated & Members Discount) Included with your YourHost2Transform tuition

Join our; 

  • monthly Q&A and Implementation sessions; ask all your questions and never get stuck
  • connective-Network-sessions: tap into the wisdom of the crowd, find yourself a(n) accountability partner(s) or a master mind to thrive your small business to the next level
  • sprint sessions: focus on the "one thing", get laser focused and accomplish next steps on your Roadmap. Grow as you go and train your agile mindset and behaviour that helps you to move beyond your limiting beliefs
  • avoid the headache of non-lasting Master Mind groups and tap into the "Master Your Master Mind Group Method" full of Best practices and Brilliant Failures" how to run Master Mind sessions with ease, joy and impact!
  • learn how to apply modern easy tech solutions to engage, learn, and develop online
  • pay-cost price for in-person offline sessions and events hosted by Jessica and Certified Host2Transform Practitioners learn from experts in the field by our weekly "Host2Tranform Talks" Podcasts (and engage!)

Coaching Sessions
  • Progress (check-in)
  • Implementation
  • Q&A
  • Hot seats (one-on-one castestudy coaching)
  • Replays in Host2Transform Academy

Connective Network Sessions

  • Break-out sessions
  • Check-in on progress of emerging MasterMind & Buddyships.
  • Based on Best Practices format.
  • No replay’s (as sessions are private, and it’s not possible to record break-out sessions).

Facebook Group

  • Accountability partners
  • Practice connective sales script
  • Celeberate successes and briliant mistakes!

Meetups & Labs

  • Practice your service
  • In-person engagement
  • Buddy-up and collaborate.

(Annual fee: €1999) Pay only €999 YourHost2Transform tuition

Don't take our word for it!
What Host2Transform practitioners & (their) clients say:

I find the exercises of Host2Transform very helpful to create an open space to co-create. The online community platform supports me as facilitator by giving examples in videos, inspiration and suggestions by Jessica and other community members. This saves me tremendous money, time and energy, not reinventing the wheel.

 John Schmeitz (The Netherlands)
Transformational Leadership Consultant

Certified Host2Transform Practitioner & Associate Partner
Transforming Health Care

Applying the practices is a lot of fun, and you can enjoy it. More important, it connects people with themselves and others. When people are connected, there’s so much more possible; generating new ideas, developing new projects, overcoming challenges... People feel safer, dare to take more risk, to be more creative and to collaborate. The HOST framework gives me certainty I know what I'm doing, and it's worth it to get it out into the world. It could even contribute to world peace!

Annemieke de Bruin (The Netherlands)

Educator & Independent Innovation Consultant
Certified Host2Transform Practitioner

Transforming Education

The HOST method brings agility, a nice buzzword nowadays, into practice. An excellent way to get people to engage with the people around them. Modern practices to get more vital and flexible employees.
Fantastic, effective. Do not have other words for it!

Niek Vrielink (The Netherlands)

Learning & Development Human Capital Management Innovation
Transforming Human Resource Management

Host2Transform helped me to reconnect with my flow. To not always try to do it "right".
Be mindful and more kind to yourself. It involves lifelong learning and this is a great way to do it. 

Karim Ras (The Netherlands)

Independent Consultant
Change Management & Transformation Processes
Transforming Organisations

About the Founder Jessica Tangelder

Jessica Tangelder (based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands) is a visionary kindred entrepreneur, a pioneer who seizes win-win-win-win opportunities that benefit people, organisations, and societies.

In 2012, she founded Host2Transform, and by now, has trained, coached, and consulted hundreds of Host2Transform practitioners, entrepreneurs, business students, SME’s, large scale organisations, and corporations around the world.

"Connecting Beyond Boundaries" is key in her work: to connect people with themselves and their (work)environment to unlock Transformation and foster agile mindsets, behaviours and vital, inclusive and innovative work cultures.

Her eclectic background in business, science, arts, digital and innovation are blended throughout her work and makes YourHost2Transform a unique cutting-edge human-centered thriving "Consultancy 3.0" Platform.

YourHost2Transform is a global network company that makes (self)empowerment practices accessible for modern change consultants across industries, cultures and the globe. For drivers of transformation, who are eager to unlock real change, with ease, joy, and scalable social and business impact.


✓ Lecture & Designer Business Innovations at over 6 International Business Universities
 in Europe,
Asia and the USA

✓ Business Coach for Small-Medium Enterprises
✓ Trainer Applied Improvisation Theatre Techniques

✓ Intern for the Dutch Mission towards the United Nations in New York (Social-Economic Department)

Academic Background:
✓ MA Conflict Resolutions (International Relations)

✓ MA Organisational Anthropology
(Culture, Organisation & Management)

✓ BSc Sociology

✓ Minors: 

- Spanish Culture & Language.

- International Public Law

- Entrepreneurship

Jessica is a highly-talented trainer and facilitator, who can turn a group of disparate individuals into a motivated, cohesive team within the space of a couple of hours!

Richard Metcalf - Independent Agile Delivery Coach
Transforming Organisations

Jessica is an intelligent, highly self-propelled activator, who is briljant in improvisation and in encouraging people to try and expose themselves. And she is successful in doing so. 

Cees van Gent - Independent strategist advisory &

Panel member at Private Healthcare market inquiry South Africa. Transforming Global Health & Care

Getting to know Jessica was inspiring and fun. She has great talent to create a mindset of trust, openness, and playfulness amongst a group of people, providing a solid base for transformation, co-creation, and innovation within organisations, networks, and perhaps, whole societies!

Saskia Jongma - Program Leader Modern Economy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Transforming Societies

Attended multiple sessions conducted by Jessica, both the content of the workshop and the way it was conducted, was a welcome departure from the usual and very effective. The session about "Doing is the best form of thinking" was especially relevant. Her specialty is in breaking barriers among participants and also those within their minds.

Kranti M - Design Leader. Mentor @ Google, Microsoft & IIMB. Transforming Business

Energetic, deep & practical!

Mark J. Bouman - The Art of Learning B.V
Transforming Education 

Through her fantastic facilitation, in a very short time, Jessica made me realise that I am capable thinking 10 times bigger and able to reach my goal 100 times faster!

Ellis Haring - Independent Human Resource Manager
Transforming HR

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We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. We hope, you’re beyond satisfied with the program and we also expect you to give your best effort to apply the practices, tools and strategies and, when you're a member, to engage in the monthly sessions or watch the replays.

That’s why in order to be eligible for our 30 day Money Back Guarantee, you must submit proof you did the course work and it did not work for you.

If you do the full course work, don’t feel it worked for you, and submit your work within 30 days of purchase, we’ll promptly refund your course fee.

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