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The Human-centered Leadership Academy

Host2Transform, founded by Jessica Tangelder, is the online place to be to apply validated human-centered leadership tips, trend, methods, perspectives and techniques. With H2T every freelance trainer, coach or facilitator can become a successful H.O.S.T. Practitioner, unlock human potential from within individuals, teams, organisations and societies by connecting people beyond inner and outer boundaries. We are here to help you translate your purpose into demanding products and services, to adopt skills and strategies to gain 5-start reviews by your clients and to create more impact by scaling your business. We call this the Three Pillars of Leadership that exists out of personal leadership, leadership development (the H.O.S.T. toolkit) and business innovation skills. We provide this via video's, seminars, webinars, interviews, podcasts, engaging online community, and online dedicated training and master mind group coaching.